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International Seminar_Food And Water Borne Diseases _ Evidance Based Intervention Of “Katajaga” As a Solve.

Semarang, 17 September 2012.
Health is one of main indicator on national development. Health programe became a main key toward prosperity people. So that, WHO have priorities health programe toward Mileneum Development Goals (MDGs). Severe infection that cause of morbidity and mortality became a main thinks toward MDGs target. Gastro intestinal Infection is a main causes of mortality anda morbidity in development countries, ofcourse in Indonesia too. That situation triggering of   poverty, because make loosing time of work, high of budget medication,  and also anemia in preagnancy. More than 100 million cases of diearrhea had accurred in Indonesia which 145.000 death per year. More cases focus on child and baby.
Reseach Collaboration among Diponegoro University and Griffith University Australia, have been implemented to reducing gastroenteritis and helminthiasis by community development to made “Katajaga” (Jamban Keluarga). That research had reduced approximately 30% for gastroenteritis an helminthiasis. Based on this result above, “Katajaga” have contribution to reach MDGs target, cut off dinamic transmition and makes better environmental sanitation.
These are special person as a keynote speaker from Griffith university and Diponegoro University ;
1.    Prof. DR. Dr. Suharyo Hadisaputro SpPD, KPTI.
Penyakti saluran cerna di Indonesia, penyebab, dampak
2.    Dr. dr. BUDI Laksono, MHSc.
Research report
Research Report : Influence katajaga for villages”
3.    Prof Donald Stewart, PhD.
Guru besar Promosi Kesehatan Griffith University,
The role of the decision makers in improving health development.
4.    Prof. Darren Gray.
Guru besar public health Griffith University.
The prevalence of Soil Transmitted Helminthiasis. A research issue
5.    DR. Dr. Bagoes Wijonarko, MPH
PHBS Dalam Pencegahan Diare Menuju MDGs

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